Attendance and leave of Absence

There are five working days per week. A working day is divided into two sessions and each session into periods of one hour – three periods in the forenoon and two in the afternoon. Attendance will be marked at the beginning of each period.
Late comers may be given or refused attendance for the period or marked late at the discretion of the teacher concerned.
Students are not permitted to absent themselves without leave for the whole class or part of a day. Absence without leave for part of a session shall be considered as absence for half a day.
A student who is absent from the college for more than 10 consecutive working days without satisfactory explanations is liable to have his name removed from the rolls. A student seeking readmission after such a removal should pay the prescribed readmission fee.
All applications for leave must be made beforehand to the Principal. Hostel students must get their leave application signed by the warden while those of students in the approved lodges should be countersigned by the local guardian.
The Principal can demand a student to produce a Medical certificate in the cases where the leave for illness is three days and above.
Leave will be granted only for clearly stated, proper and adequate reasons. Leave application should be submitted to the Principal through the teacher in charge.
In unavoidable circumstances where, previous permission for absence cannot be obtained, an application for leave must be submitted to the Principal as soon as possible and in no case later than the first or second day of return to the college.
Leave of absence should be given to the Principal in the prescribed form available from the college office.
As leave is granted for all reasonable causes no student should absent himself/herself from class without leave.
Those who apply for leave of absence to represent the college in extra-curricular activities should submit their application for leave beforehand to the Principal through the Head of the Department. In no case applications submitted later than the first or second day of their return to college will be considered. The maximum period for which duty leave can be granted to a student for sports is 10% of the total number of working days.
For the purpose of attendance calculation; all working days, irrespective of the number of working periods shall be considered full working days. Attendence statement of students will be published on the College notice board.
The annual certificate of attendance and progress required by the university for promotion or for admission to the university examination will not be granted unless the student has attended not less than 75% of the number of working days of the academic year and the Principal is satisfied with the student’s progress and conduct.
Students whose attendance falls below the prescribed minimum shall have to apply for exemption to the university through the Principal. The application for exemption should include a chalan receipt for the prescribed fee. Reason for each day’s absence will have to be given and in case of absence on an account of sickness, a medical certificate also has to be submitted.