The CEERD is an organisation established in 2001 to undertake studies related to the development problems of Uzhavoor Panchayat and neighbouring areas and to identify the potential resources available in the area for sustainable development. It is also aimed at linking the college with the local community in a mutually beneficial manner. Programmes are formulated by linking together all educational institutions in the area, the local administration, all governmental bodies, voluntary organisations, banks and the people of Uzhavoor Panchayat. All departments in the college conduct CEERD programmes, utilising the expertise of its faculty members.  In this way the organisation seeks to make teaching and learning related to social needs. Paristhithi Mithra Award given by CEERD, sponsored by Prof. V.P. Thomaskutty (Former Principal and Chairman of CEERD) and Prof. P.J. Joy (First Executive Director of CEERD)

Paristhithi Mithra Award

  Paristhithi Mithra is an award instituted by the CEERD, St. Stephen�s College, Uzhavoor in the year 2009. The award is given in recognition of the outstanding contribution of individuals, governmental or nongovernmental organizations and educational institutions towards the promotion of environmental protection, conservation and preservation in the State of Kerala. The award would be presented every year on World Environment Day. The award consists of a citation and a cash prize of Rs. 10000/- sponsored by Prof. V.P. Thomaskutty the former Principal and founder Chairman of CEERD and Prof. P.J. Joy the founder Executive Director of CEERD.

Selection Process

           Applications for the award of Paristhithi Mithra shall reach the office of the Executive Director, CEERD, St. Stephen�s College, Uzhavoor on or before 30th March of every year along with a detailed report of the environmental activities undertaken by the organization during the previous calendar year. The report shall invariably be substantiated with evidence like news paper cuttings, CDs, photographs etc. and an undertaking by the head of the organization. The report and supportive evidence shall be submitted in triplicate. The winner will be adjudicated by a panel of environmental experts whose decision will be final.