According to the guidelines from the NAAC with regard to quality sustenance in accredited institutions, an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was established in the College on 26th February 2004.

For ensuring quality enhancement on a continuous basis, the IQAC strives hard to channelize all efforts and measures of the institution towards achieving academic excellence. The IQAC takes initiative in research and developmental activities, directs and monitors activities of the institution relating to teaching and learning,  improved  infrastructure facilities , quality assessment, feedback and appraisal system etc.

The IQAC has representatives of the teaching and the non- teaching staff, students, local body and alumni along with  four external experts. Matters of discussion and decisions taken up by the IQAC are discussed in the College Council meeting and approval is sought in matters necessary. The Principal takes further follow-up measures to assess the assigned work and improvements made.


1. Dr. Stephen Mathew, Principal


2. Rev. Fr. Thomas Animoottil

Forane Vicar

3. Rev. Fr. Jins Nellickattil



4. Dr. T. M. Joseph: Education Expert

5. Dr. Jose James: Education Expert

6. Capt. Jais Kurian: Co-ordinator

7. Sri. Thomas K. C.

8. Dr. Sincy Joseph

9. Sri. Biju Thomas

10. Smt. Ambili Catherine

11. Smt. Bindu Cherian

12. Smt Navitha Elizabeth Jose

13. Dr. Thomas Mathew

14. Sri. Aby Jimson

15. Smt. Asha Raju: Secretary

16. Sri. Roy Mathew: Office Superintendent

17. Sri. Jasimudeen S.: Librarian

18. President, Uzhavoor Grama Panchayat: Local body Representative

19. Sri. Vincent V. C.: Alumni Representative

20. Sri. James Joseph: Industry Expert

21. Sri. Sunil Philip Kavungumparayil: Industry Expert

22. Sri. Jees James: Student Representative

23. Sri. Mathew Simon: PTA Representative