A Research Cell functions in the College with the aim of promoting research culture among the faculty and students.

 The committee meets:

  • To discuss various aspects of research programme on a timely basis.
  • To encourage teachers to take up major and minor research projects.
  • To monitor timely submission of proposals.
  • To inform them about various funding agencies.
  • To evaluate proposals before forwarding the same to the university for approval.
  • To co-ordinate the publication of the research journal Aureole.

 Endowments / Scholarships

The Research Cell instituted the Best Project Award in association with the PTA of the college to the outgoing students of UG and PG of all the departments from 2017-18 onwards.

 DST/ FIST Grant

Rupees 50 lakhs was sanctioned to strengthen the research and teaching facilities in all science departments of the college as a DST-FIST grant in September 2016. The DST-FIST lab and network resource centre was thus established in the college.

 Seminars / Workshops on Research Conducted from 2016 - 2017 onwards

  • ·       On 15-06-2016, a seminar on “Plagiarism and Using of Internet and Web Sources for Research” was conducted with 100 participants

    ·         On 08-12-2016, an International Workshop on Research Methodology was conducted with 85 participants

    ·         From 16 to 17-02-2017, a National workshop on Research Publishing and Plagiarism was held with 83 participants

    ·         On 16-06-2017, a Seminar on Research orientation & career prospects  was held with 130 participants

    ·         From 04 to 13-10-2017, a Two Day Workshop on Research Methodology was conducted with 48 participants

    ·         On 05-03-2018, an International Workshop on Developing Research Instruments was held with 86 participants

    ·         From 28 to 30-06-2018, a Workshop on Data Analysis in Social Sciences was conducted with 51 participants

    ·         From 10 to 11-10-2018, a Workshop on Research Methodology and Biostatistics was held with 92 persons participating

    ·         From 18 to 19-01-2019, a Workshop on Research Methodology with 100 participants was held

    ·         From 06 to 10-08-2019, a Short term course on Data Analysis in Academic Writing
     in Social Science was conducted with 41 participants

    ·         On 28-09-2019, a State Level Seminar on Academic Publishing in Social Sciences with 61 participants was conducted

    ·          On 28-11-2019, a seminar on Effective use of E-resources in Research, with 137 participants was conducted

    ·         On 09-12-2019, a Workshop on Research Methodology for Social Science was held with 19 participants

    ·         From 02 to 04-06-2020, a workshop on Data Analysis for Social Science Research Using
    MS Excel was conducted with 75 participants

    ·         On 22-07-2020, a National Webinar on Mathematics Research: Ways and Means was conducted for 40 participants

    ·         From 04 to 05-08-2020, a Three Day Work Shop on GST - Implications of New Ventures was attended by 7 participants

    ·         On28-10-2020, an International Level Webinar on 2D-Nano Materials for Biomedical Applications was attended virtually by 70 participants

    ·         On 02-11-2020, the college conducted QUAESITIO 2020 – the National Conference and Paper presentation competition

    ·         On 19-04-2021, a webinar on Research Methodology in Special Education and Disability
      Rehabilitation had 35 participants attending virtually

    ·         On 18-10-2021, a seminar on "Publication Misconduct" as Part of Research and Publication Ethics was conducted for 51 participants

    ·         On 26-09-2021, a webinar was conducted on Research Possibilities in Hindi Language And Literature with 63 participants


AUREOLE is an annual journal published by St. Stephen's College, Uzhavoor which publishes research articles in three languages viz. English, Malayalam and Hindi. The ISSN numbers of the journal is 2249 -7862 (Print).  The purpose of the journal is to develop research culture among young scholars. We welcome research articles in all disciplines. The papers are published after a thorough review by experts. All submitted manuscripts contain original work neither published previously nor under consideration for publication elsewhere.

 KR Narayanan Chair for Social Justice and Joseph Chazhikadan Chair for Regional Development Studies

To further the research ambience in the college, IQAC established Dr. K. R. Narayanan Chair for Social Justice and Joseph Chazhikadan Chair for Regional Development Studies in 2021. Rs. 1,00,000/- (1 lakh) was sanctioned by  Santhigiri Navajyothisree Karaunakaraguru Research Centre for Ayurveda and Sidha for establishing the K. R. Narayanan Chair for Social Justice and Rs. 4,00,000 (4 lakhs) for establishing the Joseph Chazhikadan Chair for Regional Development Studies.