St. Stephen’s College has created an ecosystem under Business Incubation Centre to promote entrepreneurship skill, life skills, research culture, Reading habit, environment protection, visual communications creations etc in association with ED club. The centre is instituted in order to co-ordinate subject-wise innovative practices in various departments and to inculcate awareness in students about entrepreneurship. Dr.Sincy Joseph (Department of Botany) and Smt. Jincy Mathew (Department of Commerce) were given the charge of Incubation centre.

The activities of this centre provide a platform for interaction between various stakeholders like local communities, industries and other academic institutions. It also provides training, counselling and mentoring for setting up of enterprises and business planning in association with ED club. It conducts programs such as workshops, seminars for entrepreneurship development and facilitates tools for technology development and its implementation. Industry partners and successful entrepreneurs are invited for regular interaction with the associated communities. It motivates and facilitates student participation in young innovator’s programs and also provides infrastructural and technical support for establishment of start-ups. Departments & clubs organise subject-wise innovative practices sponsored by PTA which along with the training by the incubation centre help the students to develop independent start-ups.