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Over fifty years, St. Stephen’s College, Uzhavoor, has been engaged in promoting higher learning among the young generation of the rural area drawing inspiration from its motto “INTENDENS IN CAELUM” (Looking up to Heaven) and the noble vision of its founders. Situated amidst scenic surroundings atop a hill, the College fervently seeks to help the students to undertake a number of programmes relevant to their tastes and interests and emerge as fine human beings equipped with relevant knowledge and skills. St. Stephen’s endeavours to provide an environment in which all-round development of the students is possible, enabling them to function as civic-minded citizens.


Dr. Stephen Mathew

The college celebrated its golden jubilee a few of years ago. This was an occasion when we remembered the dedication and sacrifices made by the then leadership of the local community to realize its dream of post-secondary education and reaffirmed our resolve to take the college to newer heights. Most of the beneficiaries of this institution had spent a brief spell of only two years at this college. But this short period was decisive in shaping their career. In fact, the economic and social development of Uzhavoor and its surrounding areas, to no small measure, owes to this institution. We have now come a long way. The college offers a number of undergraduate and graduate programmes and has completed two rounds of accreditation. The teachers now work in a more challenging environment and are mandated to do research and engage in a number of activities as part of the teaching-learning process.

I am humbled for having been chosen to head this college. In this endeavour, I have the satisfaction of standing on the shoulders of giants who led the institution in the past as managers, teachers and principals. The protective umbrella of St. Stephen, our patron Saint, is a constant source of strength. I wish the students, parents and teachers a fruitful and peaceful academic year and I solicit your cooperation in realizing it. The famous words of Helen Keller come to my mind: ‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much’.