National Merit Scholarship : Awarded to Degree and Post graduate students, strictly on merit basis. Certificate of merit and scholarship will also be given.
Government of India Hindi Scholarships : Awarded to the students from non-Hindi Speaking states. Awarded strictly on merit basis.
Kerala Government Merit Scholarship for the Children of School Teachers : Awarded to the children of serving teachers only according to merit and availability.
State Merit Scholarship : This is awarded to those who get the first five ranks in each district for plus two examination.
State Scholarship : Awarded on merit-cum means basis to students who secure 50% and above marks in the qualifying examination and on the basis of Annual income of their parents.
University Merit Scholarship : This Scholarship is given according to the order of merit of the course. This cannot be availed along with any other scholarship.
Scholarship for Proficiency in Sports : This is awarded to the students on the basis of their proficiency in sports and games.
State Scholarship for Proficiency in Arts : This can be availed by students on the basis of their proficiency in Arts.
Labour Welfare Fund Scholarship : The children of labourers who are contributors to Labour Welfare Fund are eligible for this Scholarship.
Fee Concession to Forward Community Students : Students are eligible for fee concession under Kumara Pillai Commission Report on the basis of the income of their parents.
Rubber Board Stipend : Awarded to the children of the employees in Rubber Estates.
Coffee Board Stipend : Awarded to the children of the employees in Coffee Estates.
Scholarship for Physically, Orthopedically Handicapped Students : Awarded to students with physical disabilities.

Educational Concessions to Students belonging to SC/ST/OEC/OBC. Students of the above categories who are newly admitted as well as those continuing their studies in the 2nd or 3rd year of their course (UG & PG) can apply for educational concession in the prescribed form available in the college office.

Post Metric Scholarship Application

For SC/ST/OEC/OBC/KPCR  : , , , ,

For Minority Scholarships :