Student’s Dress Code


All Under Graduates Students  will have uniform as specified by the college, to be worn on stipulated days. The uniform for girls consist of a full sleeve shirt, normal pants and a V-Neck coat. For boys it is half sleeve shirt and normal pants. Students are permitted to wear colour dress  on Wednesdays.  A  dress code that befits the decorum and dignity of the college and an etiquette of attire is insisted upon. Accordingly, all students of the college must be in formal dress while on campus. Collar Neck T- Shirts, Kurtha and Jeans are permitted, subject to the condition that  modesty and decency are maintained. The Student Identity card is considered a part of the dress code. Violation of the dress code individually or as a group shall invite disciplinary action. Any relaxation in the dress code shall be granted only by the Principal/ Vice Principal.