Snehanidhi is a voluntary fraternity of the staff of St. Stephen’s College, Uzhavoor constituted in the month of October 2006 with a view to assist financially weak students of the College.Snehanidhi is a unique system maintained in the College by the teaching, non-teaching staff and students to provide financial aid to deserving needy students.

Contextual Features of the Concept

The institution’s primary asset is a diverse group of students who hail from a variety of backgrounds spread out throughout the length and breadth of Kerala. A majority of students come from socially and economically challenged situations. Adverse conditions and lack of financial support proves to be a great obstacle which might eventually compel them to abandon their aspirations for a higher education. Students who are academically brilliant and meritorious, are often forced to drop out without completing their course as they succumb to the multiple physical and psychosocial factors that affect their financial stability. Snehanidhi was instituted as an attempt to extend a helping hand to the well deserving needy students to achieve their goals.

Practise and its Uniqueness

The quality of life as well as the opportunities and privileges of people within a society has a direct impact on the psyche of an individual. It works as a stimulus for his actions in the social context. When deprived of basic requirements, students often resort to practices that not only endanger themselves but also the society at large. Students of the marginalized sections are provided incentives in the form of scholarships and financial support through the Snehanidhi- a unique system maintained in the college by the teaching, non-teaching staff and students to provide financial aid to the deserving needy. This institution strives to expand the vision and outlook of its students so as to equip them to develop their capabilities to fight against injustice, violence, corruption and many other bad elements in the society. The college felt that to ensure a consistent and reliable growth in the students’ educational output, it would be beneficial to institute some measures that will address such grievances. A probe into this analysis resulted in a collective agreement for a scheme that would provide funds to facilitate better productivity in the students.

The fraternity felt responsible for the well-being of their students and decided that it was their duty to work in consensus to provide the students a friendly atmosphere where they are not inhibited by any financial restraints that challenged their privileges as students. The teachers felt committed to get more involved with their students with care given to their financial needs. with a combined effort, help them deal with their issues. With this in mind, the teaching fraternity had reached a consensus to provide financial aid on a regular basis for necessities that if not provided, will hamper their education. This was what led to the initiation of “Snehanidhi” which comprised of a voluntary contribution of the staff to raise a fund that could cater to the growing need of the students. The funds would be made available to all those who are in dire need of financial support. The eligibility for the same will pertain to all factors that pose a threat for the academic development of the student. This one of a kind support system tries to address the requirements of the students on a financial level.