Rural Ambience

Uzhavoor is a locality that can be classified as a rural one. With agriculture as the chief source of livelihood, Uzhavoor presents a picture of a community where one can witness the bonding of nature and humankind. Here the lives of the local population mirror the agricultural life of traditional India. One can witness the peace and serenity associated with the countryside or rural India in Uzhavoor. Such an ambience not only calms the mind but also soothes the soul.


Once called Elloor, it is believed that the name Uzhavoor came from two Malayalam words Uzhavu (ploughing or a word related to agricultural practices) and Ooru (place or region). When translated, it means The Land of Agriculture.


Uzhavoor is a village located in the Kottayam District of Kerala. Uzhavoor is located about 6 km from Kudakkachira, 7 km from Kurichithanam, 6 km from Monipally, 7 km from Kurianad and 15 km from Pala. It is just 32 km away from the administrative capital of Kottayam District. Uzhavoor is famous for St. Stephen's Church, St. Stephen's College, and the Capuchin Monastery. Uzhavoor belongs to the Kaduthuruthy Legislative constituency. The area is filled with rubber trees, jack fruit trees, mango trees and coconut trees. Uzhavoor is surrounded by small places like Edakkoly, Poovathumkal, Mele Areekara and Pious Mount. A place called "Anakkallumala", meaning "Mountain shaped like an elephant", is a site with a fabulous view.


The people of this village who belong to different religions and communities live here in peace, harmony, and unity. The former President of India K. R. Narayanan, who came from one of the poorest families of this village, is the role model for the people, even today.

Climate and Weather

The Climate in this region is moderate and pleasant. Uzhavoor has an average elevation of 4 metres above sea level. According to the division of places in Kerala based on altitudes, Uzhavoor is classified as a midland area. The general soil of the area is alluvial soil. The area is well suited for all types of agriculture/ agricultural practices. The vegetation is mainly Tropical Evergreen and Tropical Deciduous type. The area is a principal and significant gateway to Kerala's hilly parts and the Western Ghats. The annual temperatures range between 20 to 35 °C (68 to 95 °F). Since the land is very fertile, all types of vegetation is possible here, and from April, the land blooms flowers and freshness up to July. The land itself allows for the natural growth of a variety of nature’s bounty right up to December. The land is climatically very fair and it also helps to grow rubber crops.