Membership in NCC is voluntary and selective. NCC training will foster ”esprit de-corps” among the cadets and instill in them a sense of discipline and selfless service for the defence of the country.

4% grace mark is awarded in the qualifying examination  by M.G. University to the cadets who represent Kerala State in TSC, ALC and Annual National Cadet Corps games. Again, a grace mark of 5% is awarded for cadets who attend the Republic Parade and 3% and 2% grace marks are awarded for the certificate holders of ”C” certificate and ”B” certificate respectively. All NCC cadets are also eligible for Bonus/Weightage marks during admissions to PG Courses. (5 marks for cadets and 10 marks for `B” & `C” certificate holders.)

15% seats are reserved for NCC `C” certificate holders with `B”grading in Army Commissioned Officer”s selection. Preference is given to NCC Cadets in the selection to paramilitary forces also. Grace marks will be provided to candidates who possesses NCC ”B & C” certificates in the selection of uniformed forces such as Police, Excise, Fireforce, Forest Dept. by Kerala Government