The Management

St. Stephen’s College is a minority co-educational institution owned and run by the Knanaya Catholic Diocese of Kottayam. The college is under the Corporate Educational Agency of the Diocese of Kottayam.Mar Mathew Moolakkatt, the Arch Bishop of Kottayam, is the Patron of the college and Rev. Fr. Alex Akkaparambil is its Manager.The general management of the college is vested in the Governing Body whose ex-officio President is the Manager. The internal administration of the college is done by the Principal who is assisted by the college council in administrative and academic matters.

Governing Body


1. Mar Joseph Pandarasseril 7. Chev. Adv. Joy Joseph
2. Rev. Fr. Michael Vettickat 8. Dr. Francis Peter
3. Rev. Fr. Alex Akkaparambil 9. Dr. T.M Joseph
4. Rev. Fr. Jacob Kuruppinakath 10. Dr.Shiney Baby
5. Sri. Thomas Chazhikadan Ex. MLA 11. Sr. Betsy SVM
6. Dr. Jose James 12. Rev. Fr. Thomas Pralel

Office Administration

Name Designation Phone Number
1 Sr. Sherly Junior Superintendent 04822-240021 ,9496571103
2 Sri. Roy Mathew H.A. 9447507446
3 Smt. Celinamma K K U. D Clerk 9497664974
4 Sri. Joby George L.D. Clerk 9846863500
5 Smt. Beena Joseph L.D. Clerk 8281696091
6 Sr. Josin L.D. Typist 9645493860

The College Council 2017-18


  1. Dr.Shiney Baby (Principal)
  2. Dr. Benny Kuriakose (Vice- Principal)
  3. Sri. Jose Thomas
  4. Sri. Philipson C Philip
  5. Sri. Stephen Mathew
  6. Sri. Thomas K.C
  7. Sri. Biju Thomas (Council Secretary)
  8. Smt. Bindu Cherian
  9. Smt. Blessy P James
  10. Sri. Aby Jimson
  11. Dr. Sincy Joseph (Staff Secretary)
  12. Sri. Jimmy James (Staff Rep.)
  13. Lt. Jais Kurian (IQAC Co ordinator)
  14. SF Co ordinator