The college library is the key resource of information for the academic community. It started functioning right from the beginning of the College in 1964.  At present it has attained the position of a Ist Grade Library with more than 31,000 books and 150 periodicals. Xerox facility is also available in the library which is now computerised.

Rules and Regulations of the Library :

  1. All students and members of the teaching staff are  members of the college library.

  2. The library shall be functioning on all working days from 9.00 A.M to  5.00 P.M.

  3. Silence shall be strictly observed in all parts of the Library.

  4. Entrance to the Reading Room and the Reference Section is permitted only to students who have their identity cards with them.

  5. The Librarian has the right to recall a book at 24 hours notice.

  6. The Library is divided into :

    1. The Reference Library and Reading Room

    2. The General Library

    1. The Reference Library and Reading Room

    1. Books placed in the Reference Library shall not be lent out to any member. They will be issued for use only in the library during the library hours.

    2. Newspapers and periodicals will be placed for use in the Reading Room. They will not be issued to students.

    3. Periodicals shall not be misplaced from the positions on shelves or tables.

    1. The General Library

    1. Students who wish to borrow books from the lending section and consult and refer to books and journals have to register their names in the library and get the membership cards at the beginning of the course. Membership cards have to be renewed at the beginning of every accademic year.

    2. “Open access system” is introduced in the college library. The college library has computers with broadband internet facility for the benefit of students.

    3. Application for books should be made in the prescribed slips available in the library.

    4. Borrowed books should be returned within two weeks. They can be reissued for a further period of two weeks if no one else has applied for them.

    5. Failing to return a book on or before the due date, a student has to pay an over due charge of Rs.1/- per day of delay for each book.

    6. A Degree student can borrow two books and a Postgraduate student can borrow three books at a time.

    7. When a book is returned, the membership card has to be taken back from the library counter.

    8. Students are not allowed to pass books from one to another or to lend them to any one in or out of the college.They will be held responsible for loss or damage of books lent to them. Marking on books and spoiling of binding or illustrations will be treated as serious damage. Before books are taken out students should make sure that books are in good condition.

    9. Personal belongings such as books, periodicals, bags, umbrella. mobile phone etc. should not be taken into the library. Such articles can be kept at the property counter near the entrance. Money or ornaments should never be kept at the property counter. The librarian cannot take the responsibility for the loss of any items kept at the property counter.

    10. Students are required to sign in a register when a book or periodical is taken for reading.

    11. ””No Due Certificate”” will be given only after returning the books and the membership cards.


Msgr Peter Uralil Bibliothecal information Centre was established in the College Library in 1995. Msgr. Peter Uralil was the Founder Principal and Pro-manager of the College for a long time. The aims and objectives of the Centre are to improve the quality of education, to facilitate access to the library resources more efficiently, to improve house-keeping operations, to improve the efficiency or services to users and to provide career and course guidance. The students and staff of the college can have the services of the Centre during the working hours of the library.



The newly renovated Bishop Tharayil Hall is named after the Founder patron of the college, the Bishop Thomas Tharayil. This Seminar Hall with a capacity of more than 150 seats is equipped with all modern amenities. It is utilised for various college activities including regional and national seminars.



The College auditorium called, ”The Chazhikattu Hall” is named after the late Sri Joseph Chazhikattu who was a member of the Kerala Legislative Assembly. He was a visionary who held the interests of the people of Uzhavoor close to his heart and was instrumental in getting Govt. sanction for the college in 1964. This spacious Hall with a capacity of more than a thousand seats is utilised for all common functions of the college.


This centre has a seating capacity of fifty. It is equipped with art communication equipments which include an O.H.P. slide  projector, L.C.D. and Computer. Students are given instruction here with the help of these modern gadgets.



The English Language Lab can accommodate 24 students at a time and is equipped with modern amenities like computers, DVD Player, LCD etc.



A special meditation centre named `Unarvu” is open from 9 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. for the use of staff and students.



With grants received from the U.G.C. and the Ministry of Sports and Youth affairs, a health and fitness centre has been set up. The centre which cost about 6 lakhs is equiped with the latest state of the art multi gym facilities. Teachers and students may utilise the centre, from 2.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. on all week days. These facilities are also available to the Alumnini and general public at nominal cost.



With the help of 5 sewing machines, girl students are taught tailoring with the help of an instructor. Students avail of this facility during free time and after class hours at a nominal fee.



There is a store functioning in the college by the members of entrepreneurship club. All items necessary for staff and students of the college and provided at a nominal price.



The college has a species rich medicinal garden which consists of about 100 rare and valuable plants. The service of the garden is also open to the public of Uzhavoor panchayat.



A Vermi Compost Unit was started in the college in 1999 as a Vanitha project sanctioned under the ”Peoples Planning Project” of the Uzhavoor Block Panchayat. The objectives of the unit includes production and promotion of organic manure, training the students in vermi compositing etc.



There is a canteen within the campus, run on contract basis. Noon meals and other food items are available here on all working days.