Achievements – English Department

Achievements (2019-2020)


  1. Smt. Bindu Cherian, HoD Eng. Dept., was appointed as the question paper setter of Kerala University Examinations (2018-19) and Assumption College, Changanacherry (2018-19). She has been also appointed as the Chairman of the Question paper setting for the year 2019-20.
  2. Smt Lijiyamol Thankachan has chaired a session at the National Seminar organized by Alphonsa College, Pala and has presented a paper titled ‘Envoicing by Engressing an Ecofeminist Analysis of the movie How Old Are You?’ in the National SeminarBlurring the Boundaries: Theory as an Intertext.
  3. Sri. Jimmy James, Asst. Prof. Eng. Dept., is nominated as a member of the Board of Studies of the English department at the MG University and co-edited for MG University Acts on Stage, Nature Anthem, Voices from the Margins on Stage, Nature Anthem, Voices from the Margins andRubrics of the Mind
  4. Smt. Tina Jose, Asst. Prof. Eng. Dept., released her travelogue Wandering Woman on 16-01-2019 and assisted in the publication of study material for S1 and S2 General English.      


  1. Johnys P. Stephen and Jewel Raju secured 3rdprize for the debate competition at S.H. College, Thevara on 28-01-2019.
  2. Johnys P. Stephen won the 2ndprize for the Chavara Speech competition at K.E. College, Mannanam.
  3. Johnys P. Stephen and Jewel Raju bagged the 2ndprize in the Inter-Departmental debate competition conducted by the Department of Economics.
  4. Jewel Raju (2016-19 Batch) won the Best Parliamentarian award for the year 2018-19
    conducted by Institute of Parliamentary Affairs, Government of Kerala Model Parliament Competition, conducted by Institute of Parliamentary Affairs, Government of Kerala Model Parliament Competition.
  5. Jipsa Maria Joy procured selection for the Ball-Badminton team at the University level.
  6. Ajay Das of S2 English Voc. won 1stprize in the PUBG competition held at CMS College, Kottayam.
  7. Sruthy Gopinath was selected to represent Kottayam group in the Mavlankar Shooting competition held at Erattyar during May 2018.
  8. Iygin Dius, S2 Eng., secured 2nd prize for the Photography competition conducted by the Dept. of Zoology.
  9. Himesh J J and Anagha K A won 2nd place for the Anti-Narcotics Quiz.
  10. Jyothis Cyriac of S6 English got A grade for Malayalam Elocution at the MG University youth festival
  11. Ahallya Bharathy B A, 6th Eng Voc., was crowned as the Miss St. Stephen’s 2020 during the competition held on 18th February.
  12. Jyothis Cyriac, Harikrishnan Santhosh, Ahallya Bharathy B A and Roshan T R were the
    winners of the interdepartmental debate competition conducted by the Physics Dept. on 26th 2020. 

 AchievementsPrevious Years

Our faculty has scaled academic heights with a good number of teachers securing M. Phil and Doctoral Degrees after joining the Department :

  • Ph D – Dr C. V. Thomas (2000), Dr. E A Thomas (2002)
  • M. Phil. – Smt. Nanette Joseph (1990), Sri T. U. Mathai (2000) , Smt. Mary Joseph ( 2000), Sri Philip Chacko (2001).

A number of teachers of the English Department have held prominent positions and high offices in various fields.

  • Sri V. K. Thomas of the English Department was appointed Principal of St. Pius X College, Rajapuram, on deputation for a period of four years from 1 /1 /1999 to 31 / 05 //2003.
  • Sri E A Thomas was a Senate Member of Mahatma Gandhi University (1998 – 2002). He was also in the Board of Studies (English) and as the Core Committee Member has played a very dominant role in the restructuring of the Degree syllabi.
  • Sri E P Mathew was simultaneously Senate Member (1996- 2000) as well as Syndicate Member(1996 – 2001) of the Mahatma Gandhi University.
  • Smt Aleyamma Kurian was the President of Knanaya Catholic Women’s Association (KCWA) from 1997 – 2002.

Achievements 2018-19

  • 3 of our students were elected to the college council (Chairman, Lady Rep, 1st Year Rep.)
  • Students won prizes for face painting, debate, patriotic song, speech & literary quiz at various colleges.
  • Jipsa Maria Joy and team of 6th semester English is selected to the MG University Ball Badminton Team.
  • There are 4 scholarships instituted for the students of the department.
  • Tina Jose assisted our alumni with subtitles for the trending & prize winning  youtube short film Kunni (2019)
  • The students worked tirelessly to collect funds towards helping with flood relief
  • 2nd year students collected and distributed sacks of rice to Akasaparavukal during the months of April-May 2018
  • On request 2nd year students helped a few poor school students buy text books
  • 2nd year students in conjunction with the department helped a cancer patient pay for expenses

Achievements 2016-17


  • In a tie-up with the Department of Economics, faculty member Geena John is involved in PSC Coaching.
  • Faculty member Shruthi Elsa Jose has passed the TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) Band 3 of the four bands, conducted by Cambridge University.
  • Faculty member Jimmy James acquired a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication and M.A. in History.
  • Faculty member Tina Jose helped with the subtitling of the documentary Azhivu.
  • Faculty member Tina Jose is the casting director for Abey Kallisseril’s music videos.
  • Faculty member Navitha Jose is the editor of the monthly magazine Science Way.
  • Faculty member Navitha Jose conducts classes for the Jesus Youth students of Ramapuram.
  • Faculty member Jimmy James is involved in several outreach programmes connected with the NSS unit of the college.


Students in the College Union

  • Tom Simon  –  Arts Club Secretary
  • Amarja P. Mohite –  Vice-Chairperson
  • Amith Mathew –  Magazine Editor
  • Justin Joseph K. –  University Union Councillor

 Binu Peter of S3 English won several prizes in athletics. They are listed below:

  • 4th place at the university-level cross country race leading to participation at the national level meet held in Mangalore
  • 5th place at the state-level inter-club 5000m athletics championship
  • 1st place in cross country championship
  • 2nd place in cross country championship
  • Gold medal in cross country championship held at Ernakulam in December 2016.

Johnnys P. Stephen won 2nd place in the sub-district Malayalam speech competition conducted by co-operative bank.

Three of our students – Rosha B. Roy, Johnnys P. Stephen and Alexander Cyriac – participated in the UN Replica conducted by Labour India College, Marangattupally.

Achievements 2015-16



There are currently 3 research scholars within the department. They are as follows:

Lijiyamol Thankachan Ecocriticism
Navitha Elizabeth Jose Psychoanalytical Feminism
Tina Jose Iranian Feminism

Some of the faculty are also in the process of doing their minor projects. They are the following faculty:

A Study Expounding the Ecological Concerns as Envisaged by Mahatma Gandhi Bindu Cherian 40,000
An Analysis of Teaching and Learning of Eco-Literature in the Colleges in Kerala Lijiyamol Thankachan 50,000
Gaze and Literature – Implications and Influences on Youth Navitha Elizabeth Jose 40,000

In addition, the following teachers had paper presentations / publications to their credit:

  1. Navitha Elizabeth Jose
    1. Presentation:  Subverted Female Identity: Objectifying Male Gaze from Print to Film Version of the Color Purple – St. Joseph’s College, Moolamattom
  1. Jimmy James
    1. Presentation:  Literary Tourism: A Potential Resource of Sustainable Tourism in the Context of Kerala –  St. Stephen’s College, Uzhavoor
    2. Publication:  “Gift in Green by Sarah Joseph: A Creolized Creative Writing” – Aureole –  St. Stephen’s College, Uzhavoor


This year several of our students were in the college union:

Vice-President                        –           Akhila Surendran

Joint  Secretary                       –           Aiswarya Muraleedhar

Arts Club Secretary                –           Sijo V. George

University Counsellor             –           Christy Thankachen

Sports Secretary                     –           Umesh Unnikrishnan

Our students also brought laurels to the department by winning prizes at several venues:

  • Binu Peter of S2 English brought fame to our college by winning numerous medals & trophies. Some of them are: gold medal in 5000m race and silver medal in 3000m steeple race at the M.G. University athletic meet in Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam; bronze medal at the All-Kerala State Cross country championship, and national certification at several meets, to name a few.
  • Anand S. and other students of S6 English won 2nd prize for Drama at BCM College, Kottayam.
  • Anand S. and other students of S6 English won 2nd prize for their short film “Heart Says” at S.B. College, Changanacherry & 2nd prize at Bharat Matha College, Thrikkakara.
  • Anna Binoy of S6 English won 2nd prize for soliloquy at T.M. Jacob Memorial Govt. College, Manimalakunnu.
  • Jerit V. Kandathil of S4 English won 2nd prize in the photography competition held at T.M. Jacob Memorial Govt. College, Manimalakunnu.
  • Arya C. Rethnakaran of S2 English won 1st prize in the quiz competition conducted by the Vivekananda Chair and NSS Unit of MG University.

One of our students, Rahul R.G. (S6), completed the following professional courses alongside his studies: ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Certified Fitness Instructor and AHA (American Heart Association) CPR.