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Browsing through these past 56 years we have seen a department arise from the vision of its founders in 1964, attain maturity and now take a giant leap forward trying to project itself as a Centre of Excellence.

Our leaders had the foresight to envision that a rural place like Uzhavoor would need a new institution of higher learning to take care of its needs. Driven by their missionary zeal, they responded to this new felt need by taking the initiative of establishing this college.  One of the immediate felt needs was the institution of an English Department, which would impart instruction and training in English not only as a specialization, but also as an important component of the curricula aimed at enlightening the common folk. The structure of education was based on an indigenous model of education, in anticipation of and in preparation for fulfilling the needs of the region for English Studies. Since its inception, this Department has played an important role in the progress of the college by catering to the needs of the rural-based region for which it was created by its founders.

Motto and symbol

Inspiration and imagination create innovation. As Pegasus- the ancient sign of a new millennium and new consciousness, the Department of English, St. Stephen’s College, Uzhavoor strives to conquer new heights of excellence by combining the might and imagination of this divine white winged horse. With its steadfast dedication and committed will the Department inspires thousands of young souls to achieve highest effectiveness and efficiency by retaining the goodness of heart. We promote understanding of the oneness of humanity, the value of diversity and the need for unity and thereby generate goodwill and harmony such that each- be it the student or the teacher- becomes the other’s keeper. Pupils learn to see the sun and stars through the window and we elevated them to the lofty and the sublime.


This department is continually committed to the imparting of education in keeping with a student-centred training aimed at national progress, and persistently striving for excellence in an effort to reach our ultimate goal of meeting international standards.

The department aims at exploring variegated possibilities for establishing linkages with other academic institutions of importance with a view to facilitate a free-flow of knowledge by adding the current and upcoming areas of knowledge to our curricular framework and there by initiate necessary changes in the teaching-learning processes. To meet the global challenges and to be in tune with the current trends both at national and international levels the Department conducts evaluation practices and exercises at regular intervals.


Literature is an important cultural product of a society as it offers insights into the worldviews of different societies. Focused on providing an overview of Literature from aesthetic, linguistic, socio-political and cultural contexts, the Department of English relentlessly strives to promote an intellectual climate through artistic creation, critical mediation and innovative ideation in a culture of reciprocal transformation. The students of literature are encouraged to develop a unique subjective objectivity that helps them in self-exploration and self-realization.


While the study of great literature is rewarding for its own sake our resolve is to remain steadfast in our commitment to making our modest contribution to our students and society by designing and implementing short-term, need-based activities in English.

We do feel grateful and extremely honoured in having had the privilege of being among the first few Departments to be established by our University in its early years of existence. It was our good fortune that the Department was blessed with an efficient faculty that strived ardently in the moulding of this department. Over the years these teachers of great vision helped build the Department and brought it to the enviable position it occupies today not only within the district but also at the university level. This department is now headed by an efficient leader Ms. Bindu Cheriyan with an ably equipped fraternity of committed teachers who are assiduously dedicated to the realization of the purpose for which this department strives for.

The English Department offers a B.A. Degree in English Language and Literature (Model I) and a B.A. Degree in English Vocation (Model II) comprising of VI semesters each to be completed over a period of 3 years.  The historical or thematic content of these two majors will vary from one semester to another and will involve the relationship of texts to contexts, and are structured to allow students to balance liberal and professional interests by focusing on the production and interpretation of print texts and other media in their social and cultural contexts. The English faculty and students represent a diverse but close community with a shared interest in understanding how texts are produced and understood. This interest is the foundation for the formal curriculum and also the inspiration for a range of complementary activities and interpretative practices. Interpretive Practices grounds students in literary and cultural theory and trains them in writing interpretations of texts. Research in English offers training in gathering information systematically and in building arguments based on that information. Students will hone their skills in reading texts, using critical commentary, assessing print and electronic materials, and conducting interviews and surveys. Through the presentation of their projects to audiences within the faculty, the students will learn how to test their hypotheses.

The department of English offers two programs

Programme Level of study
B. A. English Language and Literature (Model I) U. G.
B. A. English Language and Literature (Model II Administrative Assistant) U. G

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