Undergraduate Courses (Model I)

  1. B.Sc.    Mathematics (Core), Statistics and Physics (Comple.),Operations Research (Choice Based Course)
  2. B.Sc.    Physics (Core), Chemistry and Mathematics(Comple.), Renewal Energy Technology(Choice Based Course)
  3. B.Sc.    Chemistry (Core), Mathematics and Physics(Comple.), Environmental Chemistry (Choice Based Course)
  4. B.Sc.    Zoology (Core), Botany and Chemistry (Comple.), Nutrition, Community Health and Sanitation (Choice Based Course)
  5. B.A.     English Language Literature(Core), Evolution of Literary Movements(Comple.), Political Science (CFomple.), Regional Literature in Translation(Choice Based Course).
  6. B.A.     Economics (Core), Political Science and Mathematical Economics(Comple.),Marketing Management (Choice Based Course).
  7. B.Com. 23 Compulsory papers and Computer Applications (Choice Based Course).
  8. B.Com. (Self financing) – Finance & Taxation.

Undergraduate Courses (Model  II)

  1. B.A. English Vocational (Administrative Assistant)

English Language Literature(Core) English for Business Communication & Evolution of Literary Movements (Comple.), Computer Applications & DTP (Vocational), Business Accounting (Vocational), Office Procedures & Practices (Vocational).


1.Applicable Mathematics             – Dept. of Mathematics

2.Energy & Environmental Studies – Dept. of Physics

3.Environmental Chemistry           – Dept. of Chemistry

4.Human Genetics Nutrition, CommunityHealth & Sanitation  – Dept. of Zoology

5.English for careers – Model I – Dept. of English

6.English for careers – Model II – Dept. of English

7.Fundamentals of Economics – Dept. of Economics

8.Fundamentals of Accounting – Dept. of Commerce

9.Physical Health & Life Skills Education – Dept. of Physical Education

Postgraduate courses


  1. M.Sc Physics (Specialisation in Informatics)
  2. M.Com (Specialisation in Finance)
  3. M.Sc Chemistry (Pure Chemistry)


  1. M.Sc. Computer Science.

Add-On Courses 

  1. Computer Applications
  2. Computer Hardware & Networking
  3. Desk-top Publishing

Certificate  -1 Year Course(Part Time)
Diploma  –  2 Years Course(Part Time)
Advanced Diploma  –  3 Years(Part Time)

Diploma/Certificate Courses by Department of Computer Science

  1.  P.G.D.C.A.
  2. D.C.A.  (‘O’ Level)
  3. Computer Application in Business
  4. Financial Accounting
  5. Office Automation

Career Oriented Programmes(UGC Sponsored)

  1. Soil & Water Analysis – Dept. of Chemistry
  2. Plant Tissue Culture – Dept. of Zoology
  3. Practical Accounting – Dept. of Commerce.

Credit and semester system for undergraduate courses

Mahatma Gandhi University has implemented choice based course-credit-semester and grading for undergraduate couses from 2009 admission onwards. The duration of UG programmes shall be 6 semesters. The duration of each semester shall be 90 working days. Odd semesters from June to October and even semester from December to April. There will be one month semester brakes each in November and May. The semester includes (a) Common Courses (b) Core courses (c) Complementary courses (d) Open courses (e) Co-curricular activities and (f) extensions activities.