Call & Connect – A Disability Information Gateway

Call and Connect –A Disability Information Gateway provides independent information and advice to disabled people, their families, caregivers, health care providers and the general public by utilising the resources and professional services available in National Institute for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (NIPMR).

Call and Connect provides various services like;

  • Helpline and advisory desk for persons with disabilities on their health problems.
  • Free advice and information on disability sector
  • Information about the various available services for a particular disability
  • Professional advice on the management of particular disabilities / Professional advice on how to manage particular disabilities
  • Assistance to locate and contact healthcare services.
  • Providing advice regarding the government. policies and schemes for disabled
  • Providing proper guidance to avail medical certificates on disability

Importance of the Project

At present, in Kerala, this kind of service is nowhere available in govt. level. It is very difficult for a disabled person to go out and consult a professional to clear any health and rehabilitation related doubts. In this forum, we aim to provide them a platform to raise queries and doubts with regard to their health and rehabilitation and also, to get it cleared with professional advice, free of cost.

Mode of Working

NIPMR in collaboration with Health Infonet uploads videos and presentations of NIPMR’s professional’s on various areas of disability. This information is freely accessible for anyone who is interested in this topic. The platform allows the viewers to ask/raise their queries, doubts and suggestions through the comment box available in the portal. The respective professional will also answer their queries through the portal. In addition to the above mentioned, plans are on to set a toll-free number as a gateway to the helpdesk. Disabled persons or caregivers can use this number to clarify their doubts. When the person dials this number, they will receive an automated reply with instructions that ‘our professionals will contact you soon’. These numbers will be automatically registered with us. As the next step, the social workers at NIPMR will call back to the respective numbers. After the primary conversation with the social worker, he / she will connect the call to the concerned professional or doctor. Doctors or professionals would give proper guidance to their problem. If a situation demands the assistance of any other service, other than NIPMR’s capacity, a professional/ doctor will refer the person to the proper place according to their need.

Flow Chart

Toll Free Number 🡪 there will be an automatic reply “our professionals will contact you soon”🡪 Social Worker will call back to the number From 8.30 A M - 4.30 P M 🡪will connect to Concerned Department in NIPMR

Health Infonet will provide the entire technical infrastructure for the working.

Beneficiaries of the Project

  • Individuals with disability
  • Parents of Disabled Children
  • Caretakers of Disabled
  • General public who needs to get information regarding disability sector
  • Students and Researchers
  • People who is looking for counselling